Unfortunately development will stop on the app with the closing down of Google Reader
Thanks for the support
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What is Google Reader?
Google reader works pretty much like an email inbox, with the difference that the new "emails" that you receive are actually the latest posts from the blogs you subscribe to. So now you can follow as many blogs as you like, without visiting each one of them, by receiving the images from their latest posts in the edit app.
Can I view the source of the images?
To see which blog a certain image is from, just swipe the screen from left to right to be taken straight to the original blog post. You can also bookmark the page by touching the screen once. Bookmarking creates a feed that you can transform into your own blog! You can also read that blog post later via instapaper. If you change your mind just remove the bookmark by touching the screen again.


Simply append '/feed' to your public feed URL.

Simple PHP Wrapper on Github

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